Types of Furniture Wood

A home will not be complete without any furniture. Without any of it, where will you relax or do anything you need to get done? Be it beds where you will sleep or sofas and chairs to sit on. You would also need a table whether for eating or doing your work or simply to have something to put things on. Maybe you are tight in space or constantly have visitors and have futons for that matter.

Furniture is really an essential part of your home. It is also an investment because you will be using it and the longer time you will have it, the more you will save. For this reason, you will have to choose furniture that not only looks good and fits your style but is also durable. In order to know this, the materials from what it is made are very important. It will have a great effect on the cost and sturdiness of the furniture.

Often times, pieces of furniture are made of wood. By knowing about the different types of wood, you can understand the price range and how long the furniture will last. Here are some of them that you could look into:

1. Oak

It is one of the most used in furniture. It has two kinds: the red oak and the white oak. It is an inexpensive wood too. The white oak is resistant to moisture, so it is mostly used in the outside furniture. 

2. Maple

It has two varieties, hard and soft, and both varieties are harder than any wood. It is also durable and heavy. It is also more stable than any other wood. It is less expensive than other hardwood though. 

3. Cherry

It is an all-around great wood and is popular for furniture because of its dark color. Because of this reason, it is one of the demanded woods that makes them more expensive.

4. Pine

It is the most inexpensive wood but less durable because of its softness. It does make great furniture though and because it stains very well, it is ideally used as an additional piece of furniture for home’s existing set because they can match easily. 

5. Cedar

It has many types but the most common would be the red variety. They are mostly used for outdoor furniture because it naturally resists weather and can handle moist environments. Another reason is that it repels insects. 

6. Teak

It is the wood that is a staple for outdoor furniture because it is highly weather-resistant. It is getting rarer though. It is said to be a really beautiful wood but a really expensive one.

7. Walnut

It is known for its rich brown color and strength. It is easy to work with and very versatile. It is expensive though and getting rarer to find.

8. Mahogany

A wood that is known for its reddish-brown color. But as it ages, it becomes more of a deep red. It is great for fine furniture and is traditional and versatile but it is an expensive wood to buy.

9. Poplar

It is an inexpensive and soft wood. It is not the most beautiful wood though. It is mostly used for making drawers instead of fine furniture.