Modern Living Room Ideas

A house will indeed be your home once you put your personality and style in it. From the furniture to the decoration you will choose, it will surely show. It does not matter if your house is tight on space or not; there are definitely will be ways to have your personality in it.

There are many ways to decorate your home. There are different interior design types you can choose and get inspired. But as said before, it depends on your personality. If you want to have a neutral and straightforward style, a minimalist mindset will be great for you. If you are more into classics, you can have traditional decor. If you have more personality and outlook, the bohemian style might fit you the best. There are many more, but one of the most popular would be having a modern home.

What is the meaning of modern?

Being modern means living in the present and departs from traditional styles or values. The same is also true for a modern room. Instead of conventional, it uses more modern materials like metal, glass, or steel. Unlike any other design, it is more straightforward but a bit more colorful than you get with a minimalistic style. It is more about the comfort and warmness it gives.

How to make your living room look modern?

1. Furniture

As said before, the contemporary style is all about simplicity, and that also includes the furniture. It will depend on you on what kind of materials you prefer they are made from. Comfort is also the key. So whether you are just hanging around by yourself after a long day or have someone or friends over, there should be a sense of comfort. Sofas are the critical element, and usually, a modern living room has a sectional which you can have your family or friends to hang around. But you can also add more seats like lounge chairs and love seats for more variety and choice. Then, you can have matching tables with them. And because being modern is about comfort, why not add a bookcase, especially if you are into reading. It will add a more homey vibe in your living room.

2. Color

The color scheme of a modern style is also simple, and It usually ranges from warm and neutral. In other words, it features more of browns, greens, and blues. These colors are natural to the eyes and relaxing. But that does not mean you cannot add some bright colors to mix. You can add for more interest and excitement but not too much to distract.

3. Decor

Because it is about simplicity, the decor should not be over the top. There will be not a lot of accessories. You can add some modern paintings or some graphic arts. Lights are also essential for the effect of the room, whether it be the design or brightness. If you are into books, bookshelves are also new decor, and you can add some of your personality in it like pictures or displays.