How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

Carpets definitely add texture and style in your home. There are different kinds of them that you can choose to fit your style. Not only they are stylish, but they are also nice and comfortable for your feet. 

But like any other items or furniture at your home, one of the challenging things that we have to stay on top of is maintaining them. Especially with a carpet that will surely always catch dirt because of different people stepping on it and also with the everyday dust, it needs to be maintained frequently and be cleaned thoroughly once in a while. What would be the best method for doing so?

What does carpet cleaning count as?

When your home has a carpet, it needs to be vacuumed. The frequency will depend on a number of factors around your home. It can be weekly or even every day if you want or it can be done at least once or twice a month. But is vacuuming alone enough? Unfortunately, it is not. Carpets should also be steamed to remove more dirt and bacteria. You can do it on your own, but there are also professionals who do it if you think it will be a more effective use of your time.

How often will you clean them?

Some actually do not want to have their carpets cleaned all that often because they are afraid that it will damage the fibers and that ultimately it may cause the carpet to fall apart. This is not true though. In fact, it is advised to clean your carpet as often as you can. The frequency will definitely depend on your lifestyle too. The most often questions would be: Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Do you have any allergies? What about the foot traffic in the carpeted area, how heavy is it? With these questions, it will have a great effect on how often you will clean your carpet. Some do vacuum their carpet every day but if you do not have that much time on your hands, you can have it at least once or twice a week. But of course, if it does get soiled often, you should definitely be vacuuming more often than that. 

But what about the stains and spills? If something like this occurs, you have to clean them immediately. If not, it will definitely leave a mark on your carpet. Not only that, but it may also leave an unpleasant odor that will likely spread around your home. Be sure to have a disinfectant or carpet shampoo on hand for accidents like this happens all the time.

What about steaming? How often should you be doing that? Unlike vacuuming, steaming only needs to be done occasionally. It could be months in between steam cleans, perhaps every 12 to 18 months. Again, it depends on your lifestyle. It should be done though so that the germs and bacteria around your house will be eliminated. If your carpet has warranty, it will be wise to have professionals handle the steam cleaning.

Why should you clean your carpet that often?

  1. To remove particles that may be dangerous for you.
  2. To give your carpet a longer life.
  3. To make your carpet look good.