Quick Tips for Improving Your Home’s Appearance

A beautiful home is a welcoming home. A beautiful home will also sell faster if you put it on the market. Make your house look better with these quick tips.

1. Paint It

Paint is cheap and easy. Open up a small space with white paint. Make a large room feel cozy with bright reds or dark greens.

2. Refinish Your Floors

Beautify your wood floors by refinishing them. The process or sanding down the flooring and adding another coat of varnish will revive any tired space.

3. Spot Lighting

The light in any room is vitally important. Make a room seem more intimate and cozier with a few well chosen lamps. Place them in corners to help lighten and brighten your home.

4. Use Pillows

Pillows are a great way to throw in some color and texture. Scatter them across a sofa or any easy chair. Revamp your tired old pillows with a set of new covers in kicky colors.

5. Cover Those Windows

Window coverings are another way to make the home look full of character. Use gauzy curtains during the summer for a cool and thick velvet ones during the winter for warmth.

6. Bring in a Rug

Rugs help add personality and color to any space. A large rug can help tie the entire room together. Smaller rugs can be used to cover up any imperfections in the flooring.

7. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Nature has much to teach us about beauty. Copy from nature and make your home even lovelier. Decorate your home with fresh flowers. Place small handfuls of flowers on the mantle piece. Use large floral arrangements in larger places like your dining room table and kitchen counter top.