How To Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

Furniture is an essential and staple in our homes. With it, people will know what your style and personality for it reflect. It is not that simple to choose and buy, though. There are many choices out there in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is hard to determine what is best for you. Add to that, you have your budget. There will be times you would want to have the cheaper ones, but it does not suit your home. You would find something, but it will be out of your price range.

There is a solution to that, though. You will have to look further like in thrift shops. There is also a variety in there, and if you are into DIY or crafting, you can fix them on your style. Why not also try mixing and matching. You would find different kinds of furniture that seem to be different, but you have to gain some knowledge about style. Let us start with something simple like sofas and chairs. You might find various kinds of them, but you can have them in the same room. You do not need to have an interior designer with these simple tips:

1. Color

Color coordinating is simple. It does not have to be the same. Having different kinds makes it more interesting at times. But they should be organized, and as said before, it is simple. Just choose a color then find something that will match or looks good with your eyes. Sometimes, neutral and warm colors such as brown and blue can mix with bright colors such as yellow. So as an example, if you have a blue sofa, you can mix in a yellow chair then match them with accessories for added effect.

2. Size

Like colors, the key to this is coordination and balance. The term that they would love to use when it comes to this is symmetrical. For example, if you have one big sofa, you can pair them with two smaller but even in size chairs and have them arrange with the big sofa in the middle. When it comes to size, it is usually about the numbers.

3. Materials and Fabrics

Sofas and chairs can be made from different kinds of materials. It could be wood, metal, or even plastic. It is the same as with the fabrics. It would be fine to have them together, but the principle of color coordination applies here. Like with the woods, which also has different kinds and colors, it is advisable to have one dark then have a lighter with another.

4. Patterns

When it comes to patterns, it is advisable to have similar or the same. If not, your living room will tend to look busy and not pleasant to look at. So it is either you will have a patterned sofa with plain chairs or vice versa or pick ones that are the same in pattern.

Additional Tip: Since it is all about coordination, be sure to have your accessories and decor coordinated as well.

Modern Living Room Ideas

A house will indeed be your home once you put your personality and style in it. From the furniture to the decoration you will choose, it will surely show. It does not matter if your house is tight on space or not; there are definitely will be ways to have your personality in it.

There are many ways to decorate your home. There are different interior design types you can choose and get inspired. But as said before, it depends on your personality. If you want to have a neutral and straightforward style, a minimalist mindset will be great for you. If you are more into classics, you can have traditional decor. If you have more personality and outlook, the bohemian style might fit you the best. There are many more, but one of the most popular would be having a modern home.

What is the meaning of modern?

Being modern means living in the present and departs from traditional styles or values. The same is also true for a modern room. Instead of conventional, it uses more modern materials like metal, glass, or steel. Unlike any other design, it is more straightforward but a bit more colorful than you get with a minimalistic style. It is more about the comfort and warmness it gives.

How to make your living room look modern?

1. Furniture

As said before, the contemporary style is all about simplicity, and that also includes the furniture. It will depend on you on what kind of materials you prefer they are made from. Comfort is also the key. So whether you are just hanging around by yourself after a long day or have someone or friends over, there should be a sense of comfort. Sofas are the critical element, and usually, a modern living room has a sectional which you can have your family or friends to hang around. But you can also add more seats like lounge chairs and love seats for more variety and choice. Then, you can have matching tables with them. And because being modern is about comfort, why not add a bookcase, especially if you are into reading. It will add a more homey vibe in your living room.

2. Color

The color scheme of a modern style is also simple, and It usually ranges from warm and neutral. In other words, it features more of browns, greens, and blues. These colors are natural to the eyes and relaxing. But that does not mean you cannot add some bright colors to mix. You can add for more interest and excitement but not too much to distract.

3. Decor

Because it is about simplicity, the decor should not be over the top. There will be not a lot of accessories. You can add some modern paintings or some graphic arts. Lights are also essential for the effect of the room, whether it be the design or brightness. If you are into books, bookshelves are also new decor, and you can add some of your personality in it like pictures or displays.

Five Tools You Need Around The Home

Every now and then, a repair is going to be needed in a home. It could be a hole on a wall or broken cabinets or plumbing problems. No matter what it is, it is surely a hassle at times to call a handyman. Not only that, it can also be quite a blow to the budget. That is why it is important to know and learn some basic skills for repairing and maintaining your home. This way, you will not need to call a handyman every time something needs to be fixed. It will be surely helpful to both you and your pocket.

Of course, repairing something will often require tools. You will not need every tool you see in the hardware store, but there are some essentials for simple tasks that come up over and over again. What might some of these helpful tools be? Here are some examples:

1. Hammer

If you ask anyone what would be the first tool that comes to mind, there is a big possibility that it will be a hammer. A hammer is one of the most basic tools that you should have on hand. Whenever you need to do perform a simple job like hanging up a picture frame or fixing up a piece of broken furniture, the hammer often is all you need to do the job. The most common hammer is the claw hammer which has a flat hammerhead used for pounding, and the other side has a V-shaped notch used for extracting nails. It is also the most versatile kind.

2. Screwdrivers

Like the hammer, screwdrivers are frequently used for basic household repairs. They are used for assembling pieces of furniture and lamps, tightening knobs, removing and attaching outlet covers, etc. There are a variety of styles of screwdrivers, but you do not have to get all of them. What is most important for you is to have the two basic forms which are the flat-head (the one with a single slot on top) and the Philips (the one with a small cross in the middle). It can also be handy to have smaller screwdrivers for everyday household equipment.

3. Drill

This tool is very handy. It is used for drilling holes for nails and screws. It is also used for driving screws. It is very useful for tasks such as mounting a TV, repairing drywall, building, etc. It is often said to be the most used tool.

4. Saw

Are you into crafting and DIY jobs? Having a saw will be really handy for that. It is used for cutting woods and at times metal. There are different kinds of saws, and the most basic would be the handsaw which is really good for small cutting jobs. If you need a tool for cutting larger amount of woods, you may need a power saw. A circular saw will be a great choice for this. It is the most basic yet all-purpose power saw. It is best known for its speed and flexibility.

5. Air Compressor

An air compressor is very useful for powering up your air-powered tools and is also great for providing energy supply. In addition to that, it can also be used for other things like inflating the tire for your car or even inflating sports balls.

Types of Furniture Wood

A home will not be complete without any furniture. Without any of it, where will you relax or do anything you need to get done? Be it beds where you will sleep or sofas and chairs to sit on. You would also need a table whether for eating or doing your work or simply to have something to put things on. Maybe you are tight in space or constantly have visitors and have futons for that matter.

Furniture is really an essential part of your home. It is also an investment because you will be using it and the longer time you will have it, the more you will save. For this reason, you will have to choose furniture that not only looks good and fits your style but is also durable. In order to know this, the materials from what it is made are very important. It will have a great effect on the cost and sturdiness of the furniture.

Often times, pieces of furniture are made of wood. By knowing about the different types of wood, you can understand the price range and how long the furniture will last. Here are some of them that you could look into:

1. Oak

It is one of the most used in furniture. It has two kinds: the red oak and the white oak. It is an inexpensive wood too. The white oak is resistant to moisture, so it is mostly used in the outside furniture. 

2. Maple

It has two varieties, hard and soft, and both varieties are harder than any wood. It is also durable and heavy. It is also more stable than any other wood. It is less expensive than other hardwood though. 

3. Cherry

It is an all-around great wood and is popular for furniture because of its dark color. Because of this reason, it is one of the demanded woods that makes them more expensive.

4. Pine

It is the most inexpensive wood but less durable because of its softness. It does make great furniture though and because it stains very well, it is ideally used as an additional piece of furniture for home’s existing set because they can match easily. 

5. Cedar

It has many types but the most common would be the red variety. They are mostly used for outdoor furniture because it naturally resists weather and can handle moist environments. Another reason is that it repels insects. 

6. Teak

It is the wood that is a staple for outdoor furniture because it is highly weather-resistant. It is getting rarer though. It is said to be a really beautiful wood but a really expensive one.

7. Walnut

It is known for its rich brown color and strength. It is easy to work with and very versatile. It is expensive though and getting rarer to find.

8. Mahogany

A wood that is known for its reddish-brown color. But as it ages, it becomes more of a deep red. It is great for fine furniture and is traditional and versatile but it is an expensive wood to buy.

9. Poplar

It is an inexpensive and soft wood. It is not the most beautiful wood though. It is mostly used for making drawers instead of fine furniture.

How To Mop A Floor Correctly

A clean house is important in every aspect of our life. Because it will good to look at, it will definitely show a positive outcome for us. Then it will be good for our mental health because, at times, clutter and dirt do add to our stress. And of course, it will be great for our physical health because dirt and germs will surely form when you do not clean your house and will have a great effect on your health. It will also depend on your lifestyle. If you have pets or kids or asthma, cleaning should be done more often.

There are different parts and surfaces around your house that should be cleaned and for each of them, it is done with a different technique. One of the surfaces that should be cleaned often is the floor. You do not have to have them deep cleaned weekly, that can be done once a month or so. But in order to maintain their cleanliness, you will have to mop them. It is such an easy task that will not take that long. But you do have to do it the right way, so it will be effective and nice.

1. Clear the Area

There will be items such as pieces of furniture, rug, and littered items like toys or magazines that will be in the way. You will have to move them away, so your mopping will easier and smoother. The furniture or rug might also have some debris, so it might need some cleaning also.

2. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

After clearing up the area, you will need to sweep or vacuum your floor first to remove crumbs, hair, dust, etc. for a mop is not good at picking them up. It may actually form grime if it gets wet or may cause scratches.

3. Use Warm Water

It is advisable to use warm water for it melts oil and grease. It is also believed that more effective in killing bacteria. So, have your cleaner mixed with the water and soak the mop with it. Be sure your cleaner is suitable for your floor.

4. Mop by Sections

After all that, it is time to mop. Do not rush and have it done in one big motion. Instead, have it done in small sections so that you can get rid of more grime and dust and will also cover more with the water and solution. 

5. Rinse

You would also have to rinse and dry the floor. You could use another mop if you want to or just simply rinse the mop you used thoroughly and mop again by sections.

5. Clean Your Mop

After mopping, you will need to take care of your mop also. Have it rinsed and wring it out to remove the excess dirt and cleanser. 

6. Let Your Mop and Floor Dry

After cleaning your mop, hang them to dry. As for your floor, let it dry by air. You can have your windows open to make it faster.