Hello, my name is Cheryl. Welcome to my blog, goremehouse.com.

I want to share my love for interior design with the world. I’ve redesigned dozens of homes with great success, transforming them from nice places to live to a spectacular havens of comfort. What sets my style apart is the infusion of my family’s ethnicities, with very strong heritage from both sides.

Though we now reside in the United States, my father is from Germany and my mother is from central Turkey. My upbringing, while certainly American, found plenty of influence from my parents roots – my father’s side has shown me the importance of balancing elegance, simplicity, and perfection, while my mother’s side has shown me the beauty of the ancient and exotic art embedded in Moorish Style.

As I’m sure you will see, interior design is more than a hobby for me. It is a true passion. I figured what better way to spread my passion to the world than to share the opinions and techniques on a site I can call my home. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you can use the knowledge on my website to make your home just a little more cozy.