How To Keep Floors Clean With Dogs

Truly, our stress and frustrations fade away once we have our dogs cuddling and asking to be petted. Even upon arriving home, they will come running just to meet you, even if you are just out for a few hours at times. It will surely put a smile on our faces once we see them approaching us without any malice. They definitely know how to keep us happy even without asking.

Of course, having a pet is not all about happiness. As a pet owner, you should be responsible for them. If you have a dog, you will need to have additional time to take them for walks. You will need to have your dogs trained too. You will certainly have additional expenses for their food. And it is not just about the food, it is also quite more challenging to keep your home clean. With their odor and fur, your carpets and floor will surely need additional work. There will be things that we cannot avoid and they can even be a regular occurrence at times. What is the best thing to do to keep your floors clean when you have a dog?

Keep Your Dog Clean

If you keep your dog clean will help to keep your home clean. Have your dog groomed so there will be less fur lying around your house. Your floor will be easier to sweep and carpets or rugs will be easily vacuumed. You could also make sure that they are bathed regularly, not only to keep them clean but also so that they don’t start to smell.

Be sure to have the right shampoo for them, as there are different varieties that are right for each breed and will not cause damage to their fur. Have their fur brushed also to avoid shedding. Make sure you do it outside of your home, so the fur will be not flying around insde. Also, dogs tend to track dirt or mud from outside, so be sure to have a doormat where they can wipe off the excess. You can have them trained for this specifically or have a good quality mat that can catch dirt. You can also place some towels or clean their paws off at a place like a laundry room before letting them run around the house.

Invest in Good Mops and Brooms or Vacuum Cleaner

It is hard to avoid fur and other dog-related debris, so it would be wise to have good-quality mops and brooms to help your floors to stay clean. Choose those that are great for catching fur. It will also be helpful to have mops that will absorb some of the smell. And because cleaning the house is straining enough, you can also choose mops that are easy to clean when you’re done.

Clean Accidents Immediately

In the case that your dog had an accident, either peeing or knocking drinks over, have them cleaned up immediately to avoid further accidents and smells. It is advisable to have a cleaner located nearby any accident-prone areas. Also, because dogs tend to be messy when eating or drinking, have their dishes placed far from the places that are most frequented by people. You can also place a tray or mat underneath them to catch the spillage.

Have a Dog Bed or Den

You can buy a bed or simply have a towel or rug that will be their hangout spot. With your dog having their own place, you will be able to clean most of their dirt in one place.

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