Guest Bedroom Essentials

When you have your own home, it will be wise to have a guest bedroom. It is a regular occurrence for us to have guests over. It could be your friends coming to visit or members of your family celebrating an occasion. Some of them came from far away places or unexpected circumstances happen like bad weather. In times like this, it is unavoidable for them to stay over. So, instead of having them rent a hotel, it would be friendly and hospitable for you to let them stay at your home. With a guest bedroom, you will not have a problem thinking of other alternatives.

Of course, you must make your guest feel at home. With these essentials, they might be.

1. Airbed and Extra Blanket and Pillows 

You could have more visitors and will need extra sleeping space for them so having an airbed will be your call. Of course, you would need extra blankets and pillows too. But it is not just about that. Even if you only have enough guests for the bedroom, you would need to supply them extra blankets and pillows, especially if it is chilly and also for their comfort.

2. Towels and Toiletries

If the staying over is unplanned, there will surely not have brought any of these necessities with them, but do not take chances even if you have planned the event. Always have an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap for them. Some even provide lotion and even razors for their guests. Towels are also essential, so be sure to have extra for some would want different for the face and body.

3. Clock

Even though they already have their cellphones or watch, it is still convenient to have a clock int the guest room. This way, they will quickly know the time by just looking at the bedside table or on a wall clock.

4. Clothing Space and Hangers

Your guests might have some clothes with them, so the guest room should have a space like a cabinet or a rack with hangers to put their clothes in and place to hang jackets. This space can also serve as a space for putting their luggage. It is also advisable to have some extra clothes in there in case your guest’s staying is unplanned or some unexpected occurrence.

5. Trash Can

They might have things that need to be thrown away like food wrappers or stubs. It will be easier to have a trash can so that they can put them out of the way. This will avoid clutter in their bags and pockets.

6. Mirror

They will need to change clothes, style their hair, and even apply makeup. Having a mirror in the bedroom will be more convenient than in a bathroom. It may be more relaxed and more comfortable for them. Also, a mirror is an excellent decoration for the room.

7. Bottled Water or Glass

You have to stack the room with bottled water for your visitors. If the bedroom has an en suite bathroom, you may provide glass for the tap water.