How To Mop A Floor Correctly

A clean house is important in every aspect of our life. Because it will good to look at, it will definitely show a positive outcome for us. Then it will be good for our mental health because, at times, clutter and dirt do add to our stress. And of course, it will be great for our physical health because dirt and germs will surely form when you do not clean your house and will have a great effect on your health. It will also depend on your lifestyle. If you have pets or kids or asthma, cleaning should be done more often.

There are different parts and surfaces around your house that should be cleaned and for each of them, it is done with a different technique. One of the surfaces that should be cleaned often is the floor. You do not have to have them deep cleaned weekly, that can be done once a month or so. But in order to maintain their cleanliness, you will have to mop them. It is such an easy task that will not take that long. But you do have to do it the right way, so it will be effective and nice.

1. Clear the Area

There will be items such as pieces of furniture, rug, and littered items like toys or magazines that will be in the way. You will have to move them away, so your mopping will easier and smoother. The furniture or rug might also have some debris, so it might need some cleaning also.

2. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

After clearing up the area, you will need to sweep or vacuum your floor first to remove crumbs, hair, dust, etc. for a mop is not good at picking them up. It may actually form grime if it gets wet or may cause scratches.

3. Use Warm Water

It is advisable to use warm water for it melts oil and grease. It is also believed that more effective in killing bacteria. So, have your cleaner mixed with the water and soak the mop with it. Be sure your cleaner is suitable for your floor.

4. Mop by Sections

After all that, it is time to mop. Do not rush and have it done in one big motion. Instead, have it done in small sections so that you can get rid of more grime and dust and will also cover more with the water and solution. 

5. Rinse

You would also have to rinse and dry the floor. You could use another mop if you want to or just simply rinse the mop you used thoroughly and mop again by sections.

5. Clean Your Mop

After mopping, you will need to take care of your mop also. Have it rinsed and wring it out to remove the excess dirt and cleanser. 

6. Let Your Mop and Floor Dry

After cleaning your mop, hang them to dry. As for your floor, let it dry by air. You can have your windows open to make it faster.

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