Best Way To Clean Floors Without A Mop

Having your own home is not just about making it look good, it is also about maintaining it. Maintenance is about preserving your home. If something gets broken or does not work properly, it has to be fixed immediately or else, it will affect the whole operation of your home. Maintenance is not just about fixing or preserving things at your home. In order for everything to be preserved, your home should be clean and tidy. It is not just about looking good, but having a clean home will help with maintenance. In addition, illness and accidents can be avoided if you make sure to take care of your home on a routine basis. 

Floors are one of those items that should be cleaned daily. This is usually done with a mop, but is there another approach for it?

Squeegee and Sponge

The old-fashioned way of cleaning your floors is with a sponge. You can use a cleaning solution or soaps, dilute them down with water as recommended by the manufacturer, and then spread them on the floor with the sponge and start scrubbing. The problem with sponges is that it is hard to rinse off all of the residues, especially when working with soap. With the help of a squeegee, you will be able to do that while also using a dry sponge to absorb the water.

Old Towel or Rag Cloth

If you have old towels tucked away in your closet, why not put them to use? Aside from rag cloths, you can also definitely use old towels to clean your floor. It is most suitable to use rags with disinfectants. It could also be a good work out for you because your feet are usually used to clean with old towels or rags.

Old Toothbrush

It might be harder to use a toothbrush to clean the whole floor, but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. You can use a toothbrush to clean small corners or details and between tiles that are hard to reach using bigger cleaning utensils. Rinse the treated areas away when you’re done with the help of a rag or squeegee.

Dusting Cloth and Tea Towel

These two items are used together for restoring the shine of your floor. Dusting cloth is used for dry surfaces whereas the tea towel is used for wiping wet spots. You can use materials such as floor polish in conjunction with these to wipe your floor and leave a particularly nice shine.

Steam Cleaner or Steam Mop

A steam cleaner does function like a regular mop in some ways yet it is different in others. Unlike a regular mop, steam mops do not necessarily use any cleaning agents or disinfectants. Rather, they use heat from the steam to clean floors. They can be used on different kinds of surfaces and they are also less aggressive. They are known for killing germs and bacteria. On top of that, because you will not need to buy additional cleaning agents, steam mops are also less expensive and less hassle.

Paper Towels

Like using a toothbrush, paper towels are not used for cleaning the whole floor. However, they are effective for wiping spills and cleaning small surfaces with soap. Paper towels are also great for absorbing water, so you can definitely use them to help with rinsing like you would with a sponge. 

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