Cleaning Your Area Carpets – An Uncommon Approach

It goes without saying that to keep your home looking at it’s best you have to stay on top of cleaning. That means vacuuming floors and carpeted surfaces regularly, dusting, and keeping your table surfaces neat and orderly – especially if you have pets with a knack for shedding all over your furniture (or worse!). Over time, your carpets can collect quite a bit of dirt and stains, in spite of regular vacuuming. This can cause their vibrance to become more dull, and ultimately detract the bright energy from the room that they once provided.

I was discussing this with my husband. Recently, one of our favorite oriental rugs had started to look rather drab. Not only does it see a lot of use, which can lead to mud and dirt accumulation in addition to the normal ware and tear, but our pour kitty had experienced an accident which left the beautiful rug with an unfortunate stain. I was so upset and I was ready to to part ways with the rug, but my husband had an idea. He often cleans his outdoor canvases with a pressure washer to remove mold and algae buildups, and he figured since I had resolved to discard the rug anyway he figured it was worth giving it a try with the pressure washer. The worst that could happen is that it would damage the already “ruined” rug.

So, my husband brought the rug outside and got to work. I had rather low expectations, as to be honest I thought that the power from the machine would tear the rug apart. So, I made some tea and went about my business, reading through the latest edition of Decor. Before I knew it he was done and came inside to get me. He was quite pleased with how the stain had come out, so I was excited to see the results.

To my surprise, the carpet was way more vibrant than I had remembered it being. It really looked like it had been brought back to life. And better yet, it took my husband very little work to do the cleaning. He said that the dirty water running off was completely dark and brown (yuck!), so I’m glad we did this and made our house clean. I’ve since asked him to clean some of our other area rugs, and of course he was trilled to have more work to do (just kidding!). He’s a good sport though and he did clean three more of our rugs, which now look also absolutely spotless.

Moral of the story – if you think your carpet is ruined don’t give up hope yet! Even if you don’t have a home carpet steamer, which can be quite expensive, there are other options that can help you get the job done. Even if your carpets aren’t ruined the chances are that you can bring out some extra vibrance by giving them a thorough cleaning – remember, bright colors paired properly can really bring your home’s design to a whole new level!

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