Choosing the Best Light Fixtures for Your Home

When it comes to lighting your home, you need to ensure that the light fixtures you use give you enough lighting needed for the different rooms and spaces in your house. Good lighting is important for ambiance, tasks, aesthetics and for seeing better in and around your home. Check around your home and see if it has the best lighting qualities. If the answer is NO, then here are some tips on how to choose the best light fixtures to achieve the perfect lighting for your home:

Determine your lighting needs

There are different needs for lighting. Your choice of lighting fixtures should match with the specific need you seek to address. For example, task lighting is usually focused on the work space you are working on while ambiance lighting lights a general and wider space and creates an ambient feel in the space lit. Once you have determined your lighting needs, the next step will be to choose the lighting options aimed at meeting that need. Remember you can light each room in such a way that you create the desired mood for each room in your home.

Provide lighting for security and safety of your home

Ensure that you have sufficient and appropriate lighting on your sidewalks and walkways. You need to choose ambient lighting which is just bright enough to keep your property safe and deter intruders. Your security lighting should not be too bright, which can rise your electric bills unnecessarily or become disturbing to your neighbors. Perhaps you should consider using motion activated flood lights at all the exterior corners of your home to further deter intruders. Another tip would be to check the kind of lighting used by your neighbors and copy them.

Improve your home’s exterior with wall sconces

You can use wall sconces to provide washes of light directed to the exterior walls of your home. This will help create an ambient feel on the exterior walls during evening hours. If you choose to go with directional wall sconces which either point up or down, they can help draw attention to the beautiful exterior of your home.

Choose multiple light sources for your home

Different rooms serve different purposes. You can choose to install different light fixtures in the same room. For example, consider installing counter lights in your kitchen to provide task lighting and a floor lamp in your living room next to your favorite couch for lighting when you wish to read that great novel. In the bathrooms, consider installing lighting at the mirror which is free from any shadows.

Consider recessed lighting for high ceilings

The use of can light fixtures can allow you to vary the brightness of light in a room to create the ambiance that you desire at a particular time. You can connect these fixtures to dimmer switches which can then be used to vary the amount of brightness that comes into your space.

After choosing the lighting fixtures you need to install, you should then look at your budget and ensure that the type of lighting fixtures falls within your budget. You can then head to your best home depot and make your purchases making sure that you settle for best brands. Finally, once you have done your purchases, you can either install the lights yourself or call an expert to install them for you and create the ambience that you desire.

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