Tight on Space? Try a Luxury Futon

With average home prices on the rise and increasingly competitive housing markets around the country, many people have no choice but to make the best of the lifestyle associated with apartment and condominium living. While this can make you feel tight on space, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways of maximizing your design to satisfy the needs of your household.

Recently, a good friend of mine reached out to get my opinion on adding a futon to her home. She had always thought of futons as cheap pieces of furniture more suited for the younger years of life, but she has encountered the problem of needing more space for guests to sleep in her 900 square foot home. I reassured her that futons can absolutely compliment a luxurious and cozy home, as long as you pay attention to the right things when you choose one. Here are the main things to keep in mind.

Choose a Well-Constructed Hardwood Frame

I can’t stress this point enough. Without a doubt the most important factor in choosing a high quality futon is to start with the frame. Everything else is replaceable, and if you buy something that stands the test of time you can make a pretty safe bet that you’ll be changing that mattress eventually! Cheaper and lower-quality models of futons tend to come with metal frames or metal/wood hybrids. Not only does this look tacky, but in most cases this is done to cut costs rather than to improve the strength of the frame. The best thing to do is to look for a futon with a frame that is made out of solid hardwood – preferably something that matches the rest of your furniture, though this can be hard to come by. The less pieces that need to be assembled the better, as this is indicative of sturdy and quality construction.

Pay Attention Mattress Colors and Don’t Skimp on Quality

As with all things interior design, choose your colors wisely! These days futons are available in far more options than black and white. If you are looking at the right products you should immediately notice that there are tons of options for colors and even a wide array of printed patterns for some models. Some futons can be bought with microfiber fabric (great for stain prevention and also particularly soft) or even leather. Make sure to choose a mattress cover that compliments your room well – or stands out if that’s what you’re going for.

While we’re on the topic of mattresses I should point out that the mattress quality is worth some thought. You want your guests to be comfortable! Keep an eye out for mattresses that are nice and firm, offering plenty of support. You can even find some options that have built-in springs, much like a bed mattress.

Last (But Not Least), Accessorize!

One last thing to consider before we make a decision – Since we’re working with a confined space, wouldn’t it be nice if you can find a futon that provides some extra drawers for sheets, blankets, pillows, and more? These days you can, and for a little extra money it’s often worth the upgrade. Many of the top brands allow for this modification so keep an eye out.

No need to turn your back on a futon because it reminds you of your college days, just make sure you find a product that fits in well with your current lifestyle. Now you should have everything that you need to make an informed choice!

Happy Housekeeping.

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